New Digital Travel Company Launches

March  26, 2017.

The new consumer travel company and online booking platform debuts with thousands of tours and activities in 97 countries launched this past Thursday,  offering an interactive digital platform that travelers can use to book thousands of day tours and activities in hundreds of destinations worldwide.  The enterprise is a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCCL), but is independent of the RCCL-owned cruise lines.

With an activity searchable by nearly any traveler’s interest, the website offers easy-to-use search features that allow travelers to search by Destination, Interest or Group requirements.

The site has three primary categories of activities: high-value group tours, private excursions, and exclusive, completely tailor-made “Travel Creations”.  Additionally, the easy-to-navigate portal searches cruise schedule itineraries, pricing, and availability for a wide variety of experiential activities, from architecture walking tours and culinary adventures to wildlife exploration and bucket-list experiences.

Pricing can vary from under $100 to a few hundred dollars per person, all the way up to exclusive excursions costing thousands of dollars.  The following links are examples:

  • Rome by Private Helicopter with Five-Star Lunch: This scenic flight provides views of the Vatican and dozens of Roman landmarks and outlying hill towns, while a private car and guide visits the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and Condotti’s fabled Italian boutiques.
  • Tour of Cayman’s Sparkling Crystal Caves: A guided tour of Grand Cayman’s ancient geological landmark reveals the Crystal Caves’ glistening stalactite and stalagmite crystal structures and rarely seen flora and fauna of this unique tropical forest.
  • Brazilian Surfing Class at Geriba Beach: Using specially designed boards, expert instructors teach surfing theory and practice on one of the best surfing meccas in Brazil, a haven for all water sports and the occasional celebrity sighting.

GoBe aims to triple its quantity of activities around the world by the close of 2017. As of today they feature  tours in 896 cities and 97 countries.