Princess Cays Fire UPDATE

January 30, 2019.

Yesterday we reported about a fire at the private resort of Princess Cays in The Bahamas.  The resort is owned by Princess Cruises but is used by all cruise brands owned by the parent Carnival Corporation.

The initial news reports painted a dire picture that led many, including me, to believe the entire resort was destroyed.  Well, while this wasn’t ‘fake news’ it seems it was ‘hyped news’.  Soon after posting the original article word began to emerge that the fire was not as widespread.

Updated reports state that the only damage on the guest side of the resort was fire damage to a public restroom.  The major fire damage was confined to four buildings in the resort support facilities, with the electrical generator and potable water treatment plant (reverse osmosis) being the worst of it.  This is not insignificant since power and water are key to the resort operation.  However, it should be a lot quicker to recover from the damage since new generators and a water treatment plant could be brought in on trailers for temporary use while the permanent facilities are restored.  But you know how it is with “Bahamas Time”.

I would anticipate three or four weeks before ships return to Princess Cays, but this should not be a months long shutdown.