Royal Caribbean Ending In-Cabin Babysitting Program

September 15, 2018.

Booked cruise guests with young children have started receiving notification from Royal Caribbean that, effective September 30, 2018, the cruise line will be ending it’s “Sitters At Sea” program.  This service has been around for many years, where volunteer crew members could sign up to earn extra money by being private babysitters, watching children in the guest cabins.  The program has always relied on these volunteers and thus it’s availability was always subject to having enough staff willing to do it.

Here is the letter being received:

I’ve seen reports that there simply aren’t enough crew willing to participate in the babysitting service, making it no longer a viable program.  Also, I’ll speculate that the liability issues involved have made it untenable from a legal perspective.

As noted in the letter, Royal Caribbean does have many group programs available such as their innovative Royal Babies & Tots activity.