Royal Caribbean Raises VOOM Internet Pricing

January 6, 2018.

Along with their recently announced increase for the automatic gratuities, Royal Caribbean has rung in the new year by increasing the on-board pricing for the much lauded VOOM internet plans.

The increase is $2 or $3 per device/per day depending on which level of service is purchased, and how many devices are included in the internet plan.  Before and after photos show the details.

2017 VOOM Price List

2017 VOOM Pricing

2018 VOOM Price List

2018 VOOM Pricing

Examples: Buying Surf + Stream for 2 devices for a 7-night cruise will cost $3 more per day/per device, or $42 more for the cruise.  For the “Best Value” 4 Device plan, you’ll shell out $84 more for that 7-night cruise.

Members of the Crown & Anchor Society get varying discounts for onboard purchase of VOOM, which mitigates some of the price increase.  Also, RCI often has sales of the VOOM plans online for purchase prior to the cruise, both as a stand alone purchase or bundled with the deluxe drink package for 1 device.