More Details On The “Royal Up” Cabin Upgrade Bidding Program From Royal Caribbean

November 27, 2018.

Yesterday I posted about the new Royal Up program from Royal Caribbean, which is a bidding program where, on select cruises, booked guests may receive an email invitation to submit bids on available cabin upgrades.  Images of sample screens that bidders will see are available and I’m posting them here.

The offer email will look like this image:

When you select the ‘Request Upgrade’ link in the email you will see this next screen:

Next up will be the screen where you can place your bids, and you can bid on several categories.  A  meter gauges the strength of the bid.

Finally you will get a screen to submit your payment information and then another similar screen to submit the bids:

So with this program beginning I think it’s safe to say that the ‘Upgrade Fairy’ is dead and buried.  Although they had become rare, getting a phone call and offer of a free upgrade still happened.  Not anymore.